Faith in tough times: Week 6 of Lent

Week 6 of Lent – Faith in tough times. What difference has your faith made when your life has not turned out as you imagined? The loss of a job, not getting a promotion, the death of a loved one, a relative doing things that disturb you, people not valuing who you are? What does […]

Lazarus: Week 5 Lent discussion

Week 5 of the Lent Event study – the amazing story of Lazarus rising from the dead. How have you experienced the resurrection power of Jesus in your life?

Vocation: Lent week 4

Week 4 of the Lent Event study is about vocation. God calls us to a vocation that fits who we are, the needs of the world and the Kingdom of God. The anointing of David as King (1 Samuel 16.1-13) says so much about God. God does not act just to support customs or traditions […]

The God who Provides: Lent Week 3

Lent Event Study Week 3 (based on Exodus 17.1-7) “The God who Provides” What is your first response to this reading and how does it challenge you? The Israelites follow God out of Egypt but clearly expected God to act in certain ways. In what ways is your obedience to God’s will conditional on God […]

Blessed to be a Blessing: Lent Week 2

Week 2 of the Lent Event study is titled Blessed to be a Blessing. Abram and Sarai are called to be a blessing to all the peoples on earth. In what way have you sensed God calling you to be a blessing to others? In what ways did your blessing of others rebound in a […]

Life through limitations: Lent week 1

Lent Bible study Week 1 (based on Genesis 2.15-17, 3.1-7)   The first week of the Lent Event bible study is titled “Life through limitations.” When I think about my life as a follower of Jesus I can think of a number of ‘limitations’ that God has placed on my life. For example, I always […]