16 September 2018

Pausing in our walking

Passage: Psalm 19
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Bible Text: Psalm 19 | Preacher: Lynne Aird

We’ve been exploring walking in the way of love (Eph 5:15-20) over recent weeks including walking the talk (James 1:17-27) and walking without favouritism (James 2:1-17). Today we go back to the Psalms to consider how Psalm 19 speaks into our everyday lives. This psalm is a reminder to pause in our walking, to pause amidst busy lives, to pause amongst the ‘noisiness’ of life to consider daily how God’s creation reflects God, to praise God, to think about our relationship with God and to renew and deepen our faith through reflection and prayer. We do this individually as well as in community together. What is our faith like as a community? What is God saying to us about our faith? What is God saying to us about renewal? It is in these moments that God can speak to us, in and through our hopes for this church. God calls us to pause, to renew and to deepen our faith together through reflection and prayer.

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