23 September 2018

Pentecost 18

Passage: Mark 9:30-37
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Bible Text: Mark 9:30-37 | Preacher: Phil Carr | Maybe like me, you’re not content with your spiritual life. Maybe you
too ache for faith that’s more and more real. This week it was reported
that a previous Governor General of Australia, a lifetime atheist, was
converted and baptized. Explaining the volte face, he said…it was
witnessing so many selfless acts of compassion by Christians over his
lifetime, and deep contemplation while recovering from a stroke, that
prompted his decision.

How arresting when we consider that so many goings on in the nation
and church, with the us versus them mentality and, the whole we to
me movement, spawns the opposite behaviour to what prompted the

GG’s trust in Jesus. It’s sobering to realize how different Jesus’ under-
standing of faith is compared to what’s generally promoted today. For

him, everything was about the present-ness of the ‘Kingdom of God’;
where life happens in ways God approves; selfless compassion being
one characteristic.

For that reality to become ours, like Him we’d throw everything behind
seeing the world through God’s ‘eyes,’ and significantly remedy almost
everything we say and do.

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